Four O Six Nannies

Wedding Sitter Packages

Elevate your event with childcare

Kids love a good party,

but we know, with all those kids sleeping under the tables at the end of the
night, that sometimes, it’s not cool for kids to tag along with mom and dad.

Why not give them their own party?

With activities, games and crafts, Four O Six nannies will make your event fun and memorable for kids too. Four O Six Nannies provides a team of sitters – with a ratio of 4-5 children per sitter – and our sitters are pros at caring for a wide range of kids. We also offer Infant care specialists when needed.
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$19/hour per sitter if two or more sitters (4-5 children to 1 sitter ratio depending on age)

Higher hourly rate applies for one sitter

Travel fees may apply

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